*artwork by Jaimie Phillips

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the events that lead up to the disappearance and subsequent death of the infamous black widow, Ms. Janice Flowers. 

Readers direction: you’ve been binge watching six straight hours of SNAPPED, you’re glued to your tv when the murderous tale of Ms. Flowers begins…

Circa 1950

Marlene is a long island aging beauty queen, and was the neighbor to the infamous serial killer, Ms. Flowers. Marlene stood in heels at 5′ 5″ though her hair made her 5’7″. Spray tan settled in the fine lines around her mouth and eyes. Her garish pink lipstick ran over the edges of her mouth. 

The interview begins. Marlene is just tickled about getting her fifteen minutes in the sun. She’s been preparing for this moment her whole life. Of course she didn’t think her old neighbor would be the cause for all this attention, but she reveled in it regardless. She leans forward with intense excitement, ready to speak. 

Marlene: “There once was a serial killer called Ms. Flowers. Since her disappearance it’s been discovered that she was a black widow, each of her four husbands mysteriously died, tragically I might add. On the occasion of each of her husbands’ funerals, she was the picture of a grieving widow. Tears, anger, sorrow- the whole nine. She was stunning and witty-men simply broke their necks trying to pursue her. After each husband’s’ death Ms. Flowers would wait just long enough not to be suspicious in the eyes of the dearly departed’s family members or law enforcement. She patiently played the part of a distraught, grieving widow, meanwhile collecting life insurance and waiting for the disbursement of the will. She then moved to another city just as small as the one she was leaving. Every move she changed her name, her story, her personality in a hurry to find yet another poor soul to squeeze.”

“After Ms. Flowers’s fourth husband, Leon, was found by a pack of hikers, twisted at the bottom of a popular scenic overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Ms. Flowers decided to ease away from the heat into a small town a hundred miles or so away. Janesville sat just beneath a mammoth mountain where the edge of the mountain jutted over the the small town like a shelf, casting a deep shadow against a few hundred three bedroom ranch rooftops in the valley.”

Janesville native, Mike, stands comfortably in the corner of the frame. Eased up against a fence post, in a bright white collared shirt and Wrangler blue jeans. Mike is a good ol boy. He’s the shade of  a worn leather belt. darkened through years of working in the hot virginia sun. 

With pride he says, “It has been said that people from Janesville have what Western films refer to as grit. Living in the shadow of that great mountain makes everyone a little sturdier, a little more resilient.”

“Heh, Ms. Flowers never knew what hit her.” 

Marlene: “So, she settled into Janesville, playing the rich socialite. Ms. Flowers immediately donned her eyes on a local property owners son. Tommy was quite handsome, mid twenties, with loads of prospects. Loads! His dad owned the three largest buildings downtown, and Tommy was already a shining star in his father’s enterprises.”

“Anyone who knew Tommy knew that Tommy’s girl was Allison. It was always Allison. She was the Juillet to his Romeo, the lox to his cream cheese. Ms. Flowers didn’t know that, and really how could she have known? But the moment Ms. Flowers set her sights on Tommy, her days were numbered.”

Mike: “Allison carried the wrath of God with her when she done it. No mercy. Allison snatched Ms. Flowers straight out of her comfortable queen size bed in the dead of night and Ms. Flowers was never seen again-alive anyway.”

Lips Like Poison tells the chilling end to Ms. Flowers demise. ENJOY!

 Amanda Bocchi emerges as an neo soul songstress from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Her songs combine musical elements from jazz harmony, hip hop rhythms, roots music, and an intoxicating soulful vibe to create a visceral sound Amanda calls-Americana Soul Flood. Her lyrics rush from the sweetness of motherhood to the death rattle of addiction. Her songs often change time or key suddenly following the intensity of the her lyrics. Organ Donor, Amanda’s upcoming sophomore album, is a memoir of her experience through heroin addiction. Organ Donor is being recorded at Fainting Goat Studio in Bedford, VA and is expecting to be released Spring 2019. Cereal Box Murder, Amanda’s debut, was independently released in 2006.

Amanda is also a speaker, writer and podcaster. Her speaking and writing focuses around opiate recovery advocacy, personal growth and film noir fantasy short stories. She is a host on the Kingdom of Rock podcast for DIY musicians which is centered around shaping musicians into successful music entrepreneurs. Amanda interviews best selling authors, legendary performers, business and marketing gurus and independent artists to increase dialogue surrounding feminism and music.