Amanda Bocchi and the Americana Soul Flood combine musical elements from jazz harmony, hip hop rhythms, roots music, rock influences and a deep soulful vibe to create a visceral sound: Americana Soul Flood. Amanda’s songs and lyrics rush from the sweetness of motherhood to the death rattle of addiction. Organ Donor, Amanda’s upcoming sophomore album (due to be released Spring 2019), is a memoir of her experience in heroin addiction and her transformation into recovery. Cereal Box Murder, Amanda’s debut, was independently released in 2006.

Amanda is a speaker, author and she is a host on the Kingdom of Rock podcast for DIY musicians. The Kingdom of Rock podcast is centered around shaping musicians into successful music entrepreneurs. Amanda interviews best selling authors, legendary performers, business and marketing gurus and independent artists to increase dialogue surrounding feminism, music and entrepreneurship. Click here to listen to her interview with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wanda Jackson >