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Organ Donor drops Fall 2019

Organ Donor is Amanda Bocchi’s second album, expected to be released Spring 2019. Organ Donor is a creation of Amanda Bocchi and her band the Americana Soul Flood. The concept for the record is based in her experiences over her decade long battle with heroin addiction, and includes all the music she wrote during her journey into recovery.

Her lyrics rush from the sweetness of motherhood in the cool Blue Ridge mountains to the death rattle of opiate addiction on the hot streets of Atlanta and the dry valley of Roanoke. Her lyrics are biting and grizzly. They matter just as much as her mellifluous voice that sings over the monsoon of the Americana Soul Flood. Americana Soul Flood stirs hip-hop beats, a slick warm bass, vibes and keys, and a roaring guitar to flood the souls of their listeners.