Organ Donor is a very special project to me. I’ve been on a recording hiatus for the last decade as I struggled with heroin and opiate addiction. After my first album, Cereal Box Murder was released in 2006, addiction halted my music career. I staggered through life attempting to find meaning in a substance. In May 2016 I did my last hit of dope and entered into recovery. During active addiction I continued to wield my tarnished and beautiful experiences into songs which until now I was unable to record.

My music is grounded in roots music and soul, supported by flavors of jazz harmony. I call it: Americana Soul Flood. Throughout the last 12 years, I’ve transferred from one university to another. Studying jazz guitar, music therapy and finally arriving at Hollins University for classical guitar. All of the different styles I’ve tasted have shaped my flavor of art.

My vision for Organ Donor, is a bedrock of thick hip-hop drums and bass, rhodes, guitar, strings and horns. I’m recording this project beginning in January and the album release will be on August 10 2018. Pledgers will receive their merch before it’s available to anyone else!!! (No later than July 23 2018).

I am so honored to have your pledge because it will not only help me with the finances of recording/mixing/packaging/marketing, but each pledge will help me to reach people still gripped by the opioid epidemic.

MERCH LOVE-in the store you’ll find
*pre-order’s available for digital and hard copies of Organ Donor. EVERYONE WHO PRE ORDERS AN ALBUM WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE THANK-YOU SECTION OF THE ORGAN DONOR ALBUM.

*Posters, t-shirts, handwritten lyric art of your favorite song.

*Exclusive acoustic house concerts.

*Exclusive VIP recording session in March.

*BUNDLES-Become a heart, lung or kidney donor.